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About Us:

The Gold Angels is a precision motorcycle drill team with members located all over Southern California.

Our team members are riding our own motorcycles in our performances at our own expense.

Our commitment lies in advancing rider safety and public awareness of motorcyclists through fun, staged demonstrations, and other appearances.   Contact us if you would like to see us perform at your event.

Championing the use of safe, precise bike handling techniques is our primary mission, but we also support many community charities such as the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation's Ride for Kids and the Marine Corp's Toys for Tots.

The Gold Angels Motorcycle Drill Team, as a separate entity, is responsible for all of its own expenses, including event insurance when required, which can be quite costly.  Individual riders and performers are also responsible for their own expenses, including uniforms, fuel, lodging, and motorcycle maintenance.

You can help us out by clicking on the "Donate" button above to send the team a secure Paypal donation of any value you wish.  We use Paypal to ensure that your credit card or banking information is never transmitted to us directly, or sent over an unsecure connection.  You will also receive an electronic receipt for your donation from Paypal that you might be able to use to make deduction from your income tax. (Consult with a tax professional regarding eligibility.)

We will also planning to set up an online store shortly, where you will be able to purchase calendars, video discs, and other merchandise as available, with all net proceeds going to support our ability to continue our performance demonstrations.

Thank you for your support!

About The Team Calendar Videos Join us Sponsors
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