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The Team

Active Team  

Jerry Cowan


Jerry Cowan "Cobra" grew up in Colton Calif. At the age of 15 he bought his first bike which was a Yamaha 100 twin, After High School he joined the Army where he spent time in Germany, Vietnam and Texas. He has worked for T.M. Cobb Company for 44 years, currently as a truck driver Supervisor.

In 1998 he bought a 1987 Goldwing 1200 and joined GWRRA. Since then has purchase 3 other Goldwings and has ridden over 375,000 miles. In 2003 he joined The Gold Angels Drill Team which has helped me become the rider he is along with becoming an ARC (advanced ride course) Instructor for GWRRA.

Jerry has been married to Lois (Sew & Sew) for the last 43 years, they have two daughters Brenda and Cheryl with a Grand daughter and two Grand Sons to complete the family.


Edel Albright

1st Lt.;
Support Officer;


Rick Hinrichs

Drill Sargent

Rick (Bull Dog), is one of the original organizers of the Gold Angels. It was his vision that got the Team started.  He has been riding motorcycles since 1963. After a tour in the Air Force and being overseas from 1965 to 1969, he finished college and raised a family. In 1992, he purchased his first Gold Wing and has been hooked ever since. He has won numerous trophies from GWRRA District, Region and won Top Gun at the International Convention in 1997.  He currently rides a Blue 2001, 1800 which has over 200,000 miles.  Rick is Disaster Director, Operations for the American Red Cross and has held other positions in FEMA and as Chief Engineer for a local San Diego firm.


Roger Taylor

Asst. Drill Sgt

Roger starting riding bikes when he was about 25. Bought Honda CB 350, rode it till it broke, then bought a CB 750. Rode it till it broke. He rides everything till it breaks. Then he came across a Kawasaki 1300 Touring bike, cheap price, but needed a lot of repairing as it had sat in the guys back yard for years without being ridden. Rode it for 3 or 4 years and got a hankerin' for a Gold Wing. He bought beautiful red Gold Wing GL 1500. At which time, he joined Chapter Q and GWRRA and dragged his wife along. Besides Q he rode with what he calls "The Saturday Guys" that met at Wing Stuff for donuts and riding. These guys have "The need, the need for speed!" They went on vacation and one of the guys had a friend who lived in Nevada that was selling a gorgeous candy orange GL 1800. Wife saw internet picture and fell in love with it! She talked him into (bahahaha) buying it, bringing us to the present. Watched Gold Angels several times and thought it looked fun. Took a ride to observe practice and that was it, he was hooked. Kind of funny since he was one of those need for speed guys. Now he says, "It ain't easy going slow."


Bruce Sussin

Safety Officer

Bruce (Gadget) has been riding since 1977 when his first bike was a 1976 Kawasaki KZ400. He quickly upgraded to a Yamaha 650 Special then a 650 Maxim. After a 20 year break from riding from 1986 - 2007 because of a new addition to the family, his son Brett, Bruce said that four things in the universe lined up. First, his son turned 21. Second, he turned 50. Third, his mom passed away (Bless her heart, she worried every time he rode) and finally, gas hit $3.00 per gallon!! That was the straw that broke the camel's back! He bought his dream bike... a used Honda Goldwing GL1200. That dream quickly passed when one month later he test drove his current ride... A GL1800. "It had all the bells and whistles."

Bruce got the call sign "Gadget" from his teammates because of his love for just that: gadgets! His bike is loaded with them!

Gadget has a variety of hobbies and jobs. He is a Legal Publisher, California State Licensed Pyrotechnician, and owns a confetti production company, Confetti FX, LLC. He also does announcing for various youth organizations such as Pop Warner football and Little League and, most importantly, he is married to a lovely woman, Denise, for 26 years.

His true passion is to ride... Ride... and RIDE!! He always states that "riding with the Gold Angels is an incredible experience! It has really helped hone my riding skills." He also states that he has a complete trust in his fellow Gold Angels when riding inches from each other. "I encourage everyone with a full dress bike to come out and ride with us. "You won't regret it!" he says.


Trent Reid


Gator started riding motorcycles at around 12 years old and progressed from mini bikes (home built) thru a number of motorcycles over the years always moving up in size.  He started out from Briggs and Stratton mini bikes moving onto a Bridgestone 50, DT125/175, trail 90's, Suzuki dual sports, Honda 450, Triumph 650, Harley chopper, trail 90's, xl600,GL1200,Gl1500 (3).  Gator has also ridden dirt bikes since the early 60's as well as having 2 xl600 dual sports currently.  A few years motorcycles were his only means of transportation riding daily from Orange County to Long Beach.  Gator spent from 1972 until 1976 serving in the United States Coast Guard and when discharged stayed in Orange County until moving to Riverside where he was introduced to the Gold Wing Road Riders Association by one of his co-workers and joining chapter CA1M after visiting many local chapters.  He was soon recruited as the Tour Director, and soon after met his wife Denise.  They were soon selected Chapter Couple and then were selected Chapter Directors.  In the early years of chapter life Gator participated in many skill events (winning a few along the way and even riding multiple bikes in the events, all in the name of having fun.  A few years after turning over the reins of CA1M due to job responsibilities he did not ride often with the chapter but when the time was right and life allowed more time, he began riding with the CA1M and after awhile was asked to be the Assistant Chapter Director and 1 year later was honored to be appointed Chapter Director for the 2nd time.  Gator is a Life Member of GWRRA.  He attended a few practices with the Gold Angels Drill Team around 2012, meeting up with some new friends as well as old friends on the team, and was asked to join the Gold Angels Drill Team.  His first performance was located in HON DAH Casino in Arizona (2012), (Harley event) and soon after in Pendleton Oregon at the Region I convention (2013) was presented his team handle, "GATOR".  After a year with the Gold Angels Drill Team Gator was honored to become the 1st Lt. for the drill team.


Mike Douglas

Team Photographer



Lee Pratt

Inactive Rider

Lee "Hawkeye" Pratt grew up in Southern California and began riding motorcycles at age 17. After High School he served in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman in SE Asia and on various ships at sea. During his travels he rode motorcycles over the hills of Guam and the streets of the Philippines & Thailand. Later he enlisted in the Army he served in the 1st Gulf War as a Military Policeman with the 197th Infantry and then served three years in Germany. He purchased his first Goldwing in 2005 and since then he has ridden over 100,000 Goldwing miles coast to coast. For Christmas 2014, Lee & his wife Wendy, purchased matching Red & Black 2015, 40th Anniversary Goldwing’s and together they have ridden cross country to Niagara Falls, NY., and Gettysburg, PA., among their many motorcycle adventures together.


Darrel Exline

Inactive Rider; Webmaster

Darrel "Griz" Exline, an admitted computer electronics nerd, works as an ediscovery/litigation support analyst and courtroom technology consultant by day. His past hobbies have included running science fiction conventions, woodworking, steampunk costuming, and Renaissance merchanting. Ever since he bought his first GoldWing in 2009, though, motorcycle touring, Chapter life, and performing with the Gold Angels has dominated his spare time.


Elizabeth Troncoso

Inactive Performer

Proud US Citizen since 1973 originally from Colombia, rode and competed motocross since the age of 12 on a Yamaha 180. Stopped riding once marriage and children came in my life. Been back to motorcycles as a co-rider since 2011. Join the GWRRA on 3/16 and was introduced at the same time to the Gold Angels by Griz, I am happy to be part of the team.


Mike Maury


"Sew n Sew"

Lois Cowan



Elma Maury



Steve Cobb

Inactive Rider

Steve (Ace) has always had a passion for motorcycles starting back in 1968 with a Honda 305 which he rode primarily off road. A few bikes and years later he learned about the style and comfort of the Gold Wings and purchased his first one in 1983. Since then, he has progressed up to his current 2003 GL1800 and has ridden more than 300,000 miles over the years. Ace's wife Leslie (Dreamer) also rides a 2003 GL1800.

1984 began Ace's 10 year side career of teaching motorcycle safety with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in Michigan. He's also won some Top Gun awards at District, Regional and Wing Ding rallies. Ace has been a member of GWRRA since 1984 and has held several staff positions including Assistant Chapter Director and Safety Educator.

Currently, Ace works for Gosiger Inc., repairing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, primarily electrical and software.


Leslie Cobb

Inactive Performer

Leslie couldn't decide if she wanted to be rider or full time passenger.  Back in 1996 she took the MSF course and got her license, but didn't really start riding until 1997 when her husband Steve (Ace) got a new Gold Wing.  Since they were living in Michigan and Steve always rode year-round, he kept his old Gold Wing and put the sidecar on it for those icy days.   When Steve wasn't riding the sidecar bike it allowed Leslie to get use to riding without worrying about falling over!

A few years later Leslie and Steve decided to get away from riding as family obligations started taking up too much time.  Their son and a daughter are now grown and have given them 5 grand children, all of whom live out of state.

In 2004 Leslie got the "bug" to ride again and found a Kawasaki Vulcan 500 to get her started.   By 2006 Leslie was ready for a bigger bike and her husband talked her into getting a Gold Wing.   Now, they have matching 2003 GL1800's.  Leslie joined the Gold Angels in January 2009 as a performer when her husband joined the team as a rider.


Cliff Philip

Inactive Rider

Cliff bought his first motorcycle in 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio and rode around in snow storms using knobby dirt tires for traction. 11 bikes and over 600,000 miles later, he lives in Temecula, CA where he rides 24/7 365. Once he bought his first Gold Wing in 1994, he was hooked. He and his wife of 38 years (Rebe) love to travel and camp.

Cliff is one of the original members of the Gold Angels Motorcycle Drill Team and is dedicated to promoting motorcycle safety. He was a member of the North County Motorcycle Safety Task Force (San Diego), an MSF Instructor and author of many safety articles.


Robert Lebkuecher

Inactive Rider


Janet Lebkuecher

inactive performer


Devora Exline

inactive performer


Leonard Willingham

Inactive Rider


Rebe Philip


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